Most Popular Playtech Casino Tournament Types

It is always fun to entertain with friends or even compete with them at something. For that reason, Playtech online gaming includes different events and tournaments where the best player is determined. Generally, the winner gets amazing prizes, such as cash, gadgets, or even trips to tropical islands. In our guide, we will go through different types of competitions that are available. Choose yours, find friends, and get exciting rewards!
Casino Tournamenta by Playtech

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Competitions

Playtech usually hosts multiple gambling contests in different games. These can be generally classified into three categories: daily, weekly, and monthly.

As the name suggests, the first ones take place every day. Even though the prizes are small, those tournaments bring a lot of joy and excitement to their participants. Weekly events are somewhat similar to the previous, but the gifts here are a little bit larger. Monthly tournaments offer the largest awards; however, some of them may be accessed by special invitation only. Check them out and find your best option!

Ticket Based and Free to Enter

Many of the Playtech events require special entry tickets. They can be obtained by buying or winning a prize at online casinos. Some may be given as free bonuses in games. As a rule, ticket based competitions have large pools and set time frame.
Playtech Casino Tournamrnts
On the other hand, freerolls offer not so attractive gifts, however, you are able to join them whenever you want. Just enter at the determined time and start playing. Do not miss the opportunity to become a winner!

Playtech Sit and Go Contests

Sit and go tournaments become even more popular every day. Players like them, because they are not scheduled and start any time the set number of seats is filled. Such contests have simple rules too: thrill seekers eliminate each other in every round until only two are left. The winner will receive some cash as a prize. However, be very careful: if you waste all the chips given to you in the beginning, the game will end for you much faster. Make sure to give it a try!
Playtech Casino Competitions

Tournaments for High Rollers

High rollers, as a privileged category of players, have the access to a great number of bonuses and promotions. Also, there are special contests organized only for whales. They can be entered by invitation only and require large buy-in amounts. Most importantly, they have very appealing prizes, giving the opportunity to a top winner to go home with a huge paycheck. If you want to be a champion, those ones are definitely for you!

Accessible Games

Participants of various Playtech tournaments have the chance to enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette, and even video poker! Each of them comes with its unique features, so that to meet the tastes of the most demanding gamblers. Waste no more time, go and find an event that suits you best!