Privacy & Cookie Policy

Here are gathered and explained the rights of visitors, the information we collect and cookies used, you should pay attention to understand why/how we harvest the private data and also how we are going to treat it. Becoming our user you’ve to agree to all our terms and conditions, accept our privacy and cookie policy.

Therefore, we recommend you to learn the following article accurately to know what kind of the personal information we gather (along with that data provided by you), how it will be processed and kept by us as well as the rules on how you can use the info of our website.

Personal Information Collected by

Everyone can visit the site without any personal information provided, except that one given automatically (geolocation, IP addresses, device, OS version, etc.), and without any registration required. You’re free to read the articles offered on the website.

You should be ready that we will store and process the data in case you register the profile on That’ll be your name, date of birth, email, phone number. In case you contact us, the conversation will be recorded and processed as well to improve the service.

With that in mind, we also collect details about your visits, traffic data, pages looked through, resources accessed and other communication info. Also, feel free to change and/or remove some data from your personal account opened on our site.

What Are Cookies

Actually, it’s the tiny files that are placed and stored at your PC/phone/tablet/laptop for improving your experience only. Such sites as use them for gathering different information to analyze and ensure the proper work. Here we’ll make clear what kinds of cookies exist, why we use and store them, and what is the role of third parties here.

Cookies Types

Today there are 4 kinds of cookies widely used by the websites like this one. Each type has own functions and is used for different purposes. So, it can be:

  • Cookies with technical necessity that are used in order to provide proper work of the site and all its functions. Note that they are downloaded to your PC or device automatically.
  • Permanent cookies are placed only after you give the agreement. This type has a longer time of storage. Thanks to the cookies kind we can recognize you at your next visit with all your settings saved. Due to it, the site pages load much faster.
  • Session cookies have a definite storage duration. This type is stored as well as used only while you are on the site and are removed as soon as you leave it.
  • Third party cookies that are designed and processed by other providers for more accurate analytics.

Cookies Used on

You should be aware of the fact our site uses cookies. That’s made for us to identify you from other visitors of the site and in such a way to improve our work and ensure better and more personalized service/features/offers.

By means of the cookies, we track your preferences during the session. Besides that, you stay logged into the profile when opening new pages of the website due to the technology. Also, it allows you to get push messages of via the browser used.

Permitting and Disabling Cookies – How to Manage It?

Everyone has a choice, always. Here is the same. Thus, you’re free to permit as well as disable the cookies for separate websites. You can set the preferences in the browser you use. Visit the settings in the program to clear the cookies and turn them off. Anyway, you should be ready that it will influence the functionality and features of our or any other website you visit.

Privacy, Cookies and Third Parties

As it was mentioned before, there exist third-party cookies. Sometimes professional sites use them, though they are stored and processed by other third organizations. You have no reason to be afraid about your privacy, because it’s just various web analytics tools like trusted Google Analytics, for instance.