Responsible Gambling

Gambling, no matter how innocent and pure it is, should be considered as something that can cause a problem when treated in the wrong way. Happily, most online casino runners realize that the pastime is provided for them to have fun and enjoy some of their free time.

However, there still are players who are on the verge or even crossed the line of conscientious and safe gambling, turning to some risky behavior. knows how vital it is to conduct healthy gambling and wants to make sure that the customers have the same view and principles.

Whether you play for fun, or place real money stakes, the information provided in the document will be useful to you. Please, read the article and try to be honest with yourself when analyzing your personal situation and experience.

How to Realize the Problem

Having everything in your hands is a great thing. And when it refers online gambling, you should realize what is your real attitude and aims. Below, we present some statements for you to read and either agree or disagree. Please, be honest and fair, as these may be the initial marks of a potential problem.

  • You’d better have a long period of gambling than go to work or meet your friends.
  • You increase the stake in order to influence on your mood and stir up your emotions.
  • You get bored or feel lonely when you don’t gamble within a day.
  • You feel that gambling helps you cope with your daily problems, negative feelings or depression.
  • You say you are busy in order not to meet your friends or relatives, and spend this time gambling.
  • You told once or a couple of times that you won something, yet, actually you lost.
  • You tried to provide some limits for your gameplay, though, you failed to keep the settled rules.
  • Sometimes you try to get back the amount of money you have lost.
  • Once you borrowed a certain sum of cash to make stakes and continue playing games.

This stage is essential and you should be totally sincere with yourself. Please, analyze each point and do not lie about the answers, at least to yourself.

How to Control the Situation

In case you see that the situation (according to the answers above) needs some interference, be happy you have detected the issue now and not later. Please, do not feel bad or ashamed because of the occurred problem, as you can easily fix everything with the strongest arm – your desire. The positive results won’t keep you waiting once you follow the presented steps and measures.

  • Once you feel you are not able to control your finance, ask someone you trust to make a budget plan with you.
  • Have a gamble-free period and spend the money saved for the playtime buying something for your family members or yourself.
  • Use a calendar to point out the days free of gambling and visualize your way to success.

How Casinos Help

Online casinos also take care of your gambling health and provide the inner tools, which you can use through your account. There is a Deposit Limit function, where you can mention the highest sum you can transfer to the casino account balance. With the History option, you can observe the points of failures and wins to analyze the gameplay. Within the Self-Exclusion period, you can be free of gambling being sure your account is still active.

Reaching Special Centers

Having some doubts about your gambling situation, turn to the professional aid. There exist multiple services, which provide their help and advice of experts. Among such services as BeGambleAware, GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous, SMART Recovery, and others.