Most Popular Blackjack Games from Playtech

Blackjack is a very popular card and table game that probably exists as long as a casino itself. Some say that BJ made its first appearance in 1700, somewhere in France. After a few modifications, it became widely known all around the world. Americans have changed the very first version pretty much and have turned it into its modern shape.

In our guide, we will discuss the unique features of Playtech 21 units, so stay tuned!
Playtech Blackjack Games

Playtech BJ Variations

This manufacturer has earned itself a good name in the gambling industry probably for the efforts it puts into enhancing players’ experiences. The provider could not resist improving an old-school amusement even though it remains very popular. The most common variations in Playtech’s portfolio include:

  • Classic 21
  • Perfect Blackjack
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • BJ Switch
  • Lucky Blackjack

If that sounds appealing to you, do not waste your time and start discovering the exciting world of the on topic game!

Live Blackjack

In order to make your experience even more pleasant and realistic, Playtech offers 21 with live croupiers. This version streams the dealer’s actions in the real time and you may watch them. If you are gambling fan, but still do want to play right in your house, this may be a nice option. Check it out to see how it will work for you!
Playtech BJ

21 with Progressive Jackpots

Playtech also offers the titles with progressive jackpots, which means the awards reach as high as a couple of thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, all these versions are pretty much based on original rules. The player can use up to 5 hands, whereas the dealer plays only one. The game goes with six decks of usual cards, and every time the dealer hits 17, he or she must stand. You may also double, after all hands are split. If rules still confuse you – start out with a free mode, and you will surely see how enjoyable this entertainment is.

Exclusive Bonus Proposals

Exciting arcades, high-quality graphics, nice service already sounds terrific for any player. However, the developer decided to go further and offer additional bonuses to its customers. Now, blackjack fans may benefit from using no deposit, match, free time promotions. Get those encouragements and enjoy the process of your favorites!
Top Blackjack from Playtech

Biggest Winnings and Tips to Get Them

Every thrill seeker has probably thought of how great it would be to win some good cash. Fortunately, Playtech gives that opportunity to its customers. For example, BJ Switch fans took home a lot of main prizes with the total worth of $241,504. Blackjack Multihand 5 players won $25,744 total. Follow our helping tips mentioned above and your jackpot will find you immediately!